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Death is part of life. And life is destined to die. So We live amongst death and walk dead amongst the living


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The Order of the Blood Dragons general rules:


Rule One: Freedom of Belief, Expression and Speech
The site is open to the free discussion of all topics within the remit of its fora.

Rule Two: Right to Equitable Treatment. Freedom From Hassassment and Discrimination
All members are required to acknowledge the right of members to hold different views and beliefs from themselves and not to subject other members to harrassment because of any differing views. All members of the site are to be treated equally.
Harrassment or abuse of members of the site/forum/temple/clan/community, whether on or off the site, in public or private messages, by current or past members is unacceptable and will result in an investigation being undertaken by The Order Of The Blood Dragon The result of this investigation may be to suspend or delete your memberhip with the site/forum/community/clan/ temple or to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies of your conduct.

Rule Three: Right To Privacy
All members have the right to post on the site without fear that their views will be transmitted elsewhere or reposted outside of the site without their permission.We can of course not prevent copythiefs,but the rightclickfuntion of the site is locked. Members are not permitted to repost material from The Order of The Blood Dragons site elsewhere, be it online or in print, or convey material from The Order of The Blood Dragon to a non-member without the express written permission of the material's creator, unless the material is being passed on to law enforcement agencies in the course of complying with rules 2 and 5.

Rule Four: Advertising and Vested Interests
Site Administrators reserve the right to place adverts onto the site in order to lower the burden on themselves of the site's/communitys/temples running costs.
Advertising by members with a vested interest in a business or products, or advertising on behalf of people with such vested interests is forbidden, both on the site and directly to site /forum/temple/community members, without permission from The Order of The Blood Dragon.We can accept relevant adverts as links in our link section,but ask first.

Rule Five: Illegal Activities
The site expressly forbids the discussion of, endorsement of or engagement in illegal activities anywhere on the site. You are reminded that The Order of The Blood Dragon is based in Denmark and all activity on the site is therefore covered by Danish law. The site's Administrator Team are duty bound to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies of any illegal activities of members of the site/forum/temple/community/clan

Rule Six:

 If you feed (especially bloodfeed) from a donor ,we suggest and advice tht you do a written contract/consent of the feeding between you and the donor,ex of how and how much etc and both keep a copy of the contract. To avoid being charged for a crime later on . Or to settle disagreements peacefully.