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Death is part of life. And life is destined to die. So We live amongst death and walk dead amongst the living


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All about VampireMom

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This is me!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.) Treasure what you have... Time is too slow for those who wait; Too swift for those who fear; grief; Too short for those who rejoice; But for those who love Time is eternity...... 2.)"It's better to be hated for what u are then to be loved for what u are not!!!!!"Hobbies: 1.)SPENDING TIME WITH MY KIDS 2.)STICKAM AND MYSPACE 3.)WATCHING WWE AND ECW 4.)PLAYING VIDEO GAMES 5.)HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS 6.)HELPING PEOPLE (I Hate: stalkers,liars and backstabbers.) goth Pictures, Images and Photos
Stephen King/Leonard wolf/Thomas Harris/Sandra Brown/Laurell K.Hamilton/Anne Rice/Allison Brennan and some others that I can't think of right now.
Martial Status: :

* Status: In a Relationship with myself.Working on myself at this time.
* Here for: Friends
* Orientation: Straight
* Height: 5' 0"
* Ethnicity: Native American
* Religion: Wiccan
* Zodiac Sign: Cancer
* Children: Proud parent
* Smoke / Drink: Yes / No
* Education: High school
Music :
death metal, black metal, punk,rock and 80's rock.
Movies :
Blade 1-3/From Dusk Till Dawn/Interview with the Vampire/Queen of the Damned/The Lost Boys/Final Destination 1-3/Scream 1-3/Thir13en Ghosts/Ghost Ship/Rob Zombie Halloween/Resident Evil/Friday 13th/The Ring 1-2/Wishmaster/Jeepers Creepers/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Underworld 1-2/Wrong Turn 1-2/Saw 1-6/House of Wax/The Hills Have Eyes/The Messengers/The Eye/The Shining/Night of the Demon 1-3/A Nightmare on Elm Street/Thinner/Carrie/Pet Sematary 1-2/The Night Flier/Psycho/Amityville Horror/House On Haunted Hill/30 Days Of Night and some others that I can't think of right now.
Tv :
Horror Movies Fanatic ,WWE AND ECW Fanatic,Law & Order,24,House,OZ and some others that I can't think of right now.
Heroes :
Family,Friends,Ozzy Osbourne,Kane,Cm Punk,Marilyn Manson and the Undertaker.
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