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Death is part of life. And life is destined to die. So We live amongst death and walk dead amongst the living


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All about Ramenma

Number of posts :
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
My Own Personal Hell
Occupation :
Graphic Designer
Interests :
Pain, Blood, and Steel
Photo :
Photo :
About Me: :
I wouldn't be dumb enough to label my self as just 'goth', I'm much more then that. I have a touch of 'goth', a spritz of punk, a pinch of cynicism , and several other eccentric ingredients, to make what I am today, the Anti-Liberal Liberal.

My vampiric attributes:
Empathic ability: Mine is purely emotional and not the peoples thoughts, however understanding the persons emotional state aides in the comprehension of what they are thinking.

Dreamwalker: I have the ability to 'Walk' into peoples dreams. Unlike most dreamwalkers i rarely interfere with their sub-conscience thoughts, however under the right circumstances, I can gain full control of their dreams and twist them however I wish.

Blood Hunger: Thats right I'm a sanguine Style 'Vampire', as in i preffer the taste of blood over the 'taste' of others emotions, however I can (and have been known too) feed off others emotional states.

I used to be a member here long ago (a very inactive one at that), but I lost internet activity for too long. Now that I have returned, I found my old account had been deactivated, and now I return under my new ID.
Martial Status: :
Happily Married
Sexual Orientation :
Straight, But not Homophobic
Children: :
One, and only one
Description :
Eccentric to many
Movies :
Event Horizon, Dark City, 12 Monkeys. I will add more at a later date.
Sports :
Rugby or nothing ...
Dreams :
Currently ... to finish this damned seal I've been working on for the last 3 years.
Heroes :
Hmm ... There is no one person i can say has earned the title of 'Hero' to me, so the answer would be none.
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